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Representation of authority


The trait of human beings is the nature of mankind?
Mainstream US culture is affirmative insofar as it is assumptive that whatever accomplishment is attainable if worked for, and that humanity is ultimately perfectible - as the large indefinite quantity of

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Marktneuheiten oder auch Betriebsneuheiten


Aus welchem Grund konstruieren die Unternehmen wieder und wieder neue Fabrikate, sei es als Marktneuheit oder als Betriebssneuheit und dies in anhaltend schnellerem Takt. Im Großen und Ganzen lassen sich hierfür folgende Gründe ins Feld führen:

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New generation-Marketing with substance


Marketing with substance is the therapeutic to opting out; it adds measure to people’s lives separate to acquisition - which, as it happens , is far more than probable to win their business and their cooperation. It’s marketing that is much more substantive than the trade good it positions to

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Hominal activeness-Relationship to other citizenry


Relationship to other citizenry

What is the person's relationship to other people?
U.S. culture treasures individualism and sees satisfaction as reached through individualal action.

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Individualism-Relation to other people


Relation to other people

What is the person's relation to other people?
U.S. mental attitude values individualism and comprehends fulfilment as earned through individualal

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